No Fear! My Take On Politics, Voting, & Being A Christian

There is a mountain of “information,” opinion, facts and fabrications out there in cyber world and the media on voting in the present political climate we find ourselves in. I, personally, choose to avoid putting my own thoughts and opinions “out there” on many sensitive and divisive issues we are facing in our culture simply because, most of the time, things posted on social media and elsewhere can be misunderstood, polarizing and discouraging rather than helpful and positive. And, frankly, the issues are far more complicated and complex than a blog or opinion piece can address or fix. However, as a Christian I do believe in being informed and challenging each another to think for ourselves, and to asses things through the filter of faith and Divine fact rather than fear, division and human emotion.

So, having said that, this is all I am going to post on the subject of politics, voting, and being a Christian.  I am not looking for debate or comment. My goal is to encourage and share hope from my viewpoint so feel free to “like” or delete, ignore or share, whatever floats your boat.

I am not afraid…                               

I am not afraid– of voting my conscience, before God, without influence from polls, pundits, press, or other people.

I am not afraid – of my vote not counting. I am not responsible for the outcome, I am only responsible for my own actions and motives and I don’t have to join or follow the “crowd” … on either side.

I am not afraid – of “Losing.” I am not willing to get in bed with one perceived “devil” to avoid another and call it “winning.” The end never justifies the means according to Scripture and whoever wins, GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE! And frankly, I’m OK with it and will not be angry at anyone.

I am not afraid – of the outcome of the election, either way. My God holds the future and my responsibility is to Him first. Do I get anxious about it sometimes and what may be an “uncertain” future? Yes, but I know that He has a plan and I also understand that it may mean I may suffer discomfort, sacrifice and even persecution at some point. He died for me, I will live for Him – even if it costs me!

I am not afraid – of losing my religious, civil, or personal rights. Does it cause me concern for my family? Absolutely, but I am not spiritually guaranteed ANY of these rights according to Scripture anyway and “entitlement” is NOT a fruit of the Spirit.

I am not afraid – to be KIND and RESPECTFUL to others, ESPECIALLY to those who do not hold the same beliefs, life style, political views, etc. As a Christian I am called to “relationship” and true change comes through relationship – you cannot have relationship if you are screaming at people and treating them with disrespect, disdain and judgment. Being kind does not compromise the Gospel, it spreads it!

I AM afraid…

I AM afraid  – of personally being useless in God’s kingdom…of simply being associated with loud and angry rhetoric and pious, self-righteous pontificating and judgement and not actually making a difference in the lives of people already in my life and in my community – of being simply “noise” and not doing REAL ministry – which requires relationship and love.  (1Cor 13)

I AM afraid – that patriotism has become synonymous with Christianity – and according to Scripture, that would be idolatry. I AM extremely grateful that we live in a country of democracy where we can participate in government and freely worship God but I do not see anywhere in Scripture where Democracy or government support and protection is a spiritual right or mandate…not even in the church…think about how that mentality has affected how we minister. If the Israelites had been a democracy they would have voted Moses out and gone back to Egypt.

I AM afraid –that the north American “Christian” church looks to our democracy, politics and laws for protection rather than putting our trust in God. We have become lazy and comfortable in our “Christianity” because we have erroneously put our trust in a government system and taken for granted the ease in which we are able to live out our faith. This is not a biblical guarantee.

I AM afraid –that respected, supposedly grounded, Christian “leaders” are getting in bed with one “less than” candidate for fear of what they will lose if the “worse than” candidate is elected. As if the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” or the end justifying the means is somehow biblical. I see nowhere in scripture where the “lesser of two evils” is a biblical formula for decision making!

I AM afraid – that we as Christians have become more concerned about being right and protecting ourselves and our “rights” to freedom of religion, comfort, and not being “offended” than meeting the needs of, and loving, those hurting around us: the people next door, in our neighborhoods, schools, businesses, ESPECIALLY if they do not agree with us.

Will I VOTE? ABSOLUTELY! Because it is a privilege and a civic duty, not out of fear or wanting to be right. Who will I vote for? Well, first I am going to read my Bible and figure out who I am supposed to be and then I will vote for whoever reflects those values, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT ON THE BALLOT, even if I have to write it in – then I will let the LORD handle the rest.

We are not called to be “nasty and right” we are called to be “SALT & LIGHT!”

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