Thank The Lord For Creating Coffee Beans!

Personal reflection moment:

coffeeHot coffee takes on a whole new dimension when fall hits and it gets cooler out. Mmmmm…

I love coffee now, but haven’t always. Growing up, Mom always had the coffee pot going at the butt crack of dawn. She’d fix me breakfast, light a candle, and try to “motivate” me to get going. I am NOT a morning person! Because of Mom, the smell of coffee has always been comforting to me, but I HATED the taste … til I got pregnant …

Before we got the results of the pregnancy test, which took several days back then, after 5 years of marriage, 3 years of trying to get pregnant, we had gone away for the weekend to try to adjust to what we thought was happening. I can remember like it was yesterday, going out to breakfast that weekend and ordering mashed potatoes and black coffee. For the first time in my life! “Well,” my husband said, “You are definitely pregnant!”

From then on, besides the comforting memories that the smell evokes, coffee has been a regular part of my life. So basically, it’s my son’s, Matthew, fault! How do I know this? Matthew drinks coffee like Cowboys do, thick, black, sometimes with the grounds in it. LOL His sister, Elizabeth, who came along two years later, doesn’t drink coffee. When Matthew was ten he wanted to start drinking coffee because that’s what “cowboys did.” I told him no, you’re too young, it will stunt your growth.

He is 6′ 4″! I could have had an NBA player had I let him drink coffee back then! Who knew?

Enjoy your coffee today, and be sure to thank the Lord for creating that beautiful Bean!

Genesis 1:31a
God saw all that he had made, and it was very good…


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